Topics for M 12/2

Here are, belatedly, some topics for our discussion of X2. Feel free to comment.

  • Which characters embody mutation as marginalization?
  • Which can “pass”?
  • How does the film in particular show mutation as a metaphor for gayness/queerness?
  • How does Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) embody mutation as queerness?
  • Brian Cox as William Stryker - how does he embody prejudice against mutants?
  • How does the film show de-humanization of mutants?
  • Logan (Wolverine/Hugh Jackman) - how doe he embody the dehumanization of mutants?
  • How do mutant “powers” complicated the idea of mutants as marginalized? How does Magneto, in particular, (Ian McKellen) embody that complication? Which of the “good mutants” also embody this complication?

Reflecting on the films

So, thinking back on all of the films we have screened this term:

  • Which film is your favorite?
  • Least favorite?
  • Which are you likely to watch again?
  • Which are you likely to never watch aagain?
  • What film are most glad to have seen?
  • Least glad?
  • Which was most interesting to you in terms of mise-en-scène?
  • What was most interesting to you in terms of the theme of On the Margins?